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Practically every part of your life has a glass influence, from the windows in your home to the screen you are reading this on. Like all products, you prefer to use glass materials when they are clean, and cleaning glass requires using some sort of chemicals. Magnee Glass Cleaner 750 ml contain ammonia which is widely considered the best surfactant that gets the job done without leaving streaks. For that reason, many householders and commercial cleaners demand glass cleaners containing ammonia. Magnee Glass Cleaner 750 ml is fast and easy to use-just spray and wipe the window with a clean cloth. Cleans car glass without marks, Makes water repellent, Helps prevent and remove sleet, snow, vermin and splashing dirt which sticks to the glass. To use Magnee Glass Cleaner 750 ml Spray directly on the glass of the car or on a dry cotton cloth, Wipe the glass with a 100% cotton cloth or microfiber cloth. For very dirty surfaces, repeat if necessary

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Magnee Glass Cleaner 750ml
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